Start Your Kids On Their Journey Of Physical Excellence

“Each Of Our Children Is On An Incredibly Unique And Wondrous Physical Journey Made Up Of A Myriad Of Experiences”
- Margaret Whitehead

At Phylpt, we have developed a data-driven approach to the discovery of athletic prodigies, leveraging the expertise of our panel of international and national athletes to identify young athletes with the potential to be of world-class. Our goal is to help your children realize their full potential by providing them with the training and tools they will require to develop their health and profession. We offer a range of science-backed programs to help children hone their abilities and physical attributes from a young age. We also work closely with our young athletes and their families to prepare them for a global stage through participation in international sporting events.

We are passionate about spreading awareness about physical literacy and believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop a strong physical foundation. Physical literacy is a multi-faceted concept which means building a foundation for physical activity. It comprises building of fundamental movement skills, and developing physical fitness, and cognitive abilities.

At Phylpt, children will get a chance to train under the mentorship of world-renowned athletes. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive in their chosen athletic endeavors. We trust in the power of physical literacy to transform lives, and we are dedicated to helping every child reach their full potential. We aim to help children develop the confidence to compete and give them the motivation they need to enjoy physical activity and good health throughout.

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