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Empowering A Healthier Generation

We at Phylpt have formulated a scientific approach to Talent Detection for realization of healthy and professional sport profiles. We aim to create awareness on being physically active and further we emphasize on motivating kids to adopt to an active and healthy lifestyle

What We Offer

Future Champions Program

Nurture young talent with our Future Champions Program. Our data-driven approach, backed by expert mentors, cultivates physical literacy from age three. Shape a strong foundation for budding athletes. Start early, rise high.

Tech Enhanced Fitness for Kids

Harness the potential of technology to ignite kids' interest in physical activity. Our innovative programs combine play and exercise, fostering both physical and cognitive development. Empower your child through active tech engagement.

Holistic Physical Literacy

Transform schools, housing societies, clubs, gaming zones into hubs of physical literacy. Partner with us to integrate technology-driven physical education, creating well-rounded kids. Elevate academic performance, discipline, and overall health with our comprehensive approach.

Track your Game Like a Pro

Capture and Analyze your practice data with Phylpt Smart series. The speed, agility, balance, co-ordination, strength & more which will help us in understanding the physical competence of your child.

  • Insight
  • Tracking
  • Guidance
  • Motivation
  • Progress
  • Efficiency
How Fundamentals Of Physical Activity Can Effect Your Kids Health & Performance

Three, is the right age to introduce a child to a systematic and organized physical activity, where their mind and body are ready to learn. And, at Phylpt, we insist on starting physical learning as young as three.


Confidence & Competence

Developing fundamental movement skills enhances confidence and competence in physical activities, fostering a positive attitude towards exercise.


Cardiovascular Health And Endurance

Regular physical activity improves cardiovascular health, muscle development, and endurance, reducing the risk of chronic health conditions.


Cognitive Abilities

Physical activity enhances focus, quick decision-making, and memory retention, contributing to peak physical and academic performance.


Early Introduction To Physical Learning

Starting physical learning at a young age (around three) cultivates a strong foundation for systematic and organized physical activity.


Comprehensive Physical Literacy

Building fundamental movement skills, physical fitness, and cognitive abilities through physical literacy programs positively impact children's overall health and well-being.

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